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The awning cassette with elbow extension system, remote control and LED lighting provides you with a nice rest in the shade and in the evening.

Awnings are one of the most popular shading systems. Very popular in both the private and commercial sectors.

All types of awnings of this type are attached to the wall or roof. When opened, the elbow extension system will push the profile away from the attachment points and unwind the fabric from the top of the awning. High stability in the elbow systems ensures safe stability without additional supports.

Awnings almost do not transmit ultraviolet rays.

Guarantees the highest level of security and functionality. Control with electric motor drive and remote control.

You can choose from more than 300 fabric patterns and color combinations.

Dimensions: width (m) extension length (m) (3 * 2.5) (3.5 * 3) (4 * 3) (4.5 * 3) (5 * 3) (5.5 * 3)

Cassette and elbow color: white or gray RAL 7037

Fabric: red, beige, light beige, gray, striped brown / beige are offered as basic shades.
Protection from the sun, rain and wind, while also serving as a design element.
When closed, the cassette closes completely, protecting the fabric from moisture, dirt and fading.

Equipment: powder coated aluminum cassette, joints, motor, UV resistant acrylic fabric with
waterproof PU coating weighing 280 g / m²

The set includes: wall mounts, LED lighting, remote control
Tilt angle: configurable from 5 to 35 degrees (drop up to 50 cm per 3 m)

Additionally: solar-wind sensor.