Farm curtains | Thermal curtains for farms

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Livestock window curtains and opening systems.

We made individual design and size curtains till 180m length ways with 4 different opening systems – roll up, roll down and mixed.

Curtains are made from special PVC fabric – Polymar scrim crystal.

It’s a new development for weather protection systems with high translucency, primarily tailored for buildings used for agricultural purposes.
VIALE SISTEMI srl is awarded of “QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS” Certification, according to standard ISO 9001:2008
The company is committed to quality and our products comply with several international standards.
High quality production standards, commitment to quality and flexibility in production make the VIALE SISTEMI products accepted everywhere in the world.

  • Gear-motors
  • Racks
  • Manual Gears
  • Telescopic arms
  • Accessories and parts