Латвийская компания является официальным представителем компании Endriagonets SL.

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Испанская компания Endriagonets SL производит сетки безопасности, строительные сетки и защитные сетки. Продукция распространяется по всему миру. Продукция изготовлена ​​из высокопрочной полипропиленовой нити, сертифицирована и протестирована на соответствие требованиям стандартов ЕС.

Гарантированное качество,
Справедливые цены, безупречный сервис, постоянный контроль и постоянный контакт с нашими клиентами.
Итак, мы понимаем термин качество, это то, чем мы думаем и живем.

For inside

You want to sell hay nets as bags or sack? We have the right shape and size.
We are also happy to create an offer for your measurements.

For outside

Even if it comes to rummaging, complete hay bales or other ideas. We have the right product in our assortment. No matter whether frost, water or sun — our nets
are weather resistant.

That’s our scam …

We offer the following mesh sizes for hay nets:

  • # 3,0cm, cord size 4,0mm
  • # 4,5cm, cord size 5,0mm
  • # 6,0cm, cord size 5,0mm
  • # 10,0cm, cord size 5,0mm

Safety through quality

Our networks are of the highest quality and usually exceed the requirements clearly. Since we manufacture everything from one source, we always have the entire process in view.

Security through control

The networks of Endriagonets are tested and certified according to all specifications. Furthermore, our production is under constant control as our own claim to quality is high.

Quality & Price

Our goal from the beginning was to offer the best quality at a really fair price. Convince yourself — our networks are not cheap but inexpensive …