Tent textile company

30 years experience in the production of various innovative products from technical textile fabrics.

Curtains for terraces, safety nets, folding tents, awnings, awnings, dome tents, car awnings, covers, covers, upholstery, industrial curtains, outdoor advertising, digital printing, inflatable constructions.

The products are manufactured using high-quality EU-produced and certified materials with a wide selection of shades and technical properties. PVC tarpaulin, tarpaulin, acrylic and nylon, and other technical fabrics, with a wide selection of shades and properties. We process fabrics by sewing, gluing, melting, dyeing and digital printing, hot press. Other materials used are foam rubber, polyethylene, zippers, trim strips, expander rubbers, as well as high-quality EU-made car awning fittings.


  • CURTAINS transparent for terraces;
  • NETS for security, sports, entertainment and construction;
    TENTS, DOME for events, production and trade, canopies and warehouses, POP UP tents and bush tents;
  • CAR TENTS, for vehicles, chip trailer filters and awning constructions;
  • COVERS, industrial covers, sandboxes, nets and ropes, transport bags and sacks, cargo nets;
  • INDUSTRIAL CURTAINS, PVC glass, strip lamella curtains, partition walls, as well as walls for car washes and warehouses, industry, agricultural farms and greenhouses;
  • ADVERTISING, tents and parasols, digital printing, hot stamping;
  • FOR EVENTS, inflatable gates for events and competitions, inflatable advertising figures and stands, dome stages, Pop Up tents for trade;
  • SPORTS, foam-filled or inflatable airbags and cushions, safety nets;
    RECREATION, Pop-Up tents, dome tents for glamping, nets for sports games;
  • RENT, dome tents for your event;
  • REPAIR, repair of all types of PVC vinyl products; sewing of thick fabrics, gluing and melting of PVC awning fabric;

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