Safety net and Industrial nets


Safety net and Industrial net

We produce nets to order, a wide range of high-strength woven polypropylene (PP) nets with different twine diameters and mesh sizes. Safety nets for construction, safety nets for sports and events, nets for gates. The networks are certified and meet EU standards.

When ordering, it is desirable to know:

EXTERNAL DIMENSION: width (m) ___ * ___ length (m),

MESH SIZE (mm) ___ * ___



INDIVIDUAL ORDERS: net of different shapes according to a sketch or drawing.

Technical data:
  • Polypropylene thread, high strength, UV stabilized (PP);
  • Mesh breaking strength for thread: 5mm-3.2kN, 4mm-1.6kN, 3mm-1.25kN, 2.3mm-0.8kN;
  • Continuous operating temperature: -40 to +80 °C;;
  • Melting point: 165 ° C;
  • UV protection 300 Kly
  • 100% inert, does not produce bacteria;
  • Antialergic;
  • Do not retain static electricity;
  • Not digestible by insects;
  • Fiber not absorbent resainst to dirt;
  • Resistant to abrasion;
  • Resistance to acids. Except boiling xylene;
  • Maintains tenacyty in humid and alkaline environments;
  • Compliance with EU standard requirements;
  • For more convenient installation and exact dimensions, edge finishing – additional rope sewn with overlock.
Construction safety nets with EN1263-1 certificate

Construction safety nets with EN1263-1 certificate. Safety nets for construction, high-rise buildings (# 100 * 5mm), construction debris collection. Embankment / gradient safety nets can be ordered in any size and shape, depending on construction and site requirements:

  • T -Vertical networks for building facades;
  • U -Construction safety nets for scaffolding, scaffolding, catching falling objects, for example, on sidewalks, when ordering standardized sizes, for example, 2m * 10m can be completed with or without fastening belts;
  • S -Horizontal construction safety nets, for covering large areas, catching falling objects, weight up to 280 kg.

To meet the requirements of EU standards, the safety net has 100 * 100 mesh and 5 mm thread. For special safety, we perform 3 annual inspections in accordance with the EN1263-1 standard, free of charge. We do not want accidents with our networks and human lives. 3 test samples are added to the network, once a year one must be delivered to us, we test it with a special strength test equipment and print a test data sheet on how long the network can last and whether it is suitable for further use.

Safety nets for sports events, road transport, animal husbandry, etc.
  • Sports halls, for gyms, sports stadiums, tennis courts;
  • Sports gates can be two-color, we make according to the size of the gate A-width, B-height, C depth at the top, D-depth at the bottom.
  • Sports games, volleyball, tennis, badminton …
  • Nets for children’s playgrounds;
  • Wire rope nets for climbing and against vandalism.
  • Light guiding nets for design structures;
  • Ski slope nets, snow fencing. Ski safety nets. Accessories for ski nets;
  • Nets for livestock, birds;
  • Truck cargo safety nets. Cargo lifting nets. Nets for pallets;