• Advertising design for events

    Advertising design for events from MTKO For Events    MITKO HAS BEEN ON THE MARKET FOR 30 YEARS “Siguldas tents” SIA has become MITKO Sp. z o.o. official distributor. Mitko, with its seat in Wodzisław Śląski, has been on the market since 1989. From the beginning of our activity, we put emphasis on professional service […]

  • BeTriton V3.0

    BeTriton. Siguldas Tents has participated in a new, innovative project – BeTriton. The BeTriton is an all-electric recreational vehicle that combines the three functions of a hardtop motorboat, a cargo tricycle and a small camper that sleeps two people. This is a completely new 3-in-1 concept that provides the most seamless and comprehensive outdoor travel […]


    OFFER TEXTILE ARCHITECTURE FROM SPRECH SRL The Latvian company has become the official distributor of SPRECH SRL in the Baltic States, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania. Offer textile architecture from SPRECH SRL. SPRECH SRL Sprech Srl designs, manufactures and distributes in Italy and worldwide, tensile structures and modular canopies made of high resistance PVC coated polyester fabric […]

  • Safety nets from Endriagonets

    WE OFFER PROTECTION NETS FROM SPAIN Company of Latvia, has become a representative of Endriagonets SL The Spanish company Endriagonets SL manufactures safety nets. The products are distributed all over the world. The products are made of high-strength polypropylene thread, certified and tested to the requirements of EU standards. Quality guaranteed, Fair prices, perfect service, constant […]

  • Geo dome tents

    Geo dome tents Geo dome tents – the strongest, lightest, most effective building facility. Spherical dome shape composed of triangular elements, created with the aim to create a structure that is similar to the nature of typical design. The aim is to promote the architectural integrity of the dome tent is featured beautiful and mathematically […]

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