Sunshade – Umbrella


Durable sunshades – umbrellas for professional and demanding home users are suitable for the Nordic climate.

Provide a pleasant shade for backyard gardens as well as for customers in outdoor cafes from spring to autumn. Side umbrellas provide wider shade, no awkward center pillar, and are ideal for home terraces as well as narrow city streets. Place an exciting ad or logo on your parasols with digital printing. Available in a variety of sizes and a wide range of fabrics. We also offer storage and maintenance services throughout the year.

Sun-rain umbrellas digitally printed with center support, with or without LED:
  • Italian Collection, ∅2.5m, ∅3m, ∅3.5m, ∅4m, 3.5×3.5m, ∅3m LED, ∅3.5m LED, ∅4m LED, 3.5×3.5m LED;
  • Spanish collection 2x2m, 2.5×2.5m, 3x3m;
  • City collection ∅2.5m, ∅3m, ∅3.5m, ∅4m, 3.5×3.5m, 4x4m

Technical parameters of collections

Sunshade with center support, reinforced structure:
  • 3×3, 4×4, 5×5 m;
  • Center leg, white, brown, gray;
  • Fabric beige, light beige, black, gray
  • Additional concrete weights 4x28kg, 4x52kg
Sunshade SA with side support, reinforced construction, special design:
  • 3×3, 3×4 m;
  • Fabric beige without frill;
  • Additional polished granite weights 4x32kg.