Folding Dome Tents for events


Folding Dome Tents for Events


The dome tent works well during unusual events. Its original shape attracts the attention of event participants, and gives organizers the opportunity to create interesting and usable promotional spa-ce. The lack of scissor-type structure and ropes under the roof provides a large space for furniture or additional advertising media, such as roll-ups, to be placed under the tent.

The dome structure of this tent effectively distinguishes it from standard canopies. The large wall surface allows you to display the advertisement of your brand or product. The offer includes a Do-me tent with 5 or 6 entrances. The tent structure is made of 43 mm aluminum profiles, connected in a simple way thanks to special buttons. Dedicated spacers stiffen the frame and guarantee its stabili-ty. Dome tent equipment includes a set of anchors and ropes, which guarantees its stable and safe use. Setting up the tent is not complicated, and joining the frame elements does not require the use of screws.

Do-me tent with 5 entrances

4,7 × 4,5 m, 14,5 m², ~60 kg, H 3,5m

Do-me tent with 6 entrances

5,8 × 5,0 m, 22 m², ~80kg, H 3,5m


In the production we use densely woven and strong polyester fabrics weighing 240 g/m2, which are resistant to tearing and mechanical damage. The fabrics are double impregnated to prevent leakage. We also use fire-retardant fabrics weighing 275 g/m2 and fabrics with increased UV resistance.

MITKO products can be ordered in a selected color from among 21 fabric colors. A wider range of possibilities gives the possibility to choose coverings with digital printing. This will allow you to personalize your product – we will make a cover in the color of your choice and place unique graphics on it (e.g. your logo).

In addition:
  • The walls, the wall with the entrance, the wall with the window, fasten with zippers.


  • Lighting. Wireless LED lighting waterproof (IP68), attached with straps. Maximum battery life up to 77 hours. It has 3 brightness levels and “flash” and “power bank” functions (battery capacity 10400mAh). The full charging time is 8 hours.
  • Weights
  • Floor folded with elements 25×25 cm. Available in colors: gray, green, red, black, blue and white.

We carry out maintenance, repair, supply spare parts. We provide a manufacturer’s warranty.