Transparent curtains for terraces


Transparent PVC awning fabric curtains and walls for terrace, gazebo, canopy

Transparent terrace outdoor curtains, windows, transparent walls, for canopy, gazebo, pergola, balcony made of high-quality, transparent PVC awning fabric (PVC soft glass).

The thickness of the fabric is tested according to the climate conditions of LV, UV protection 70% ensures a long service life and flexibility. Will protect against wind, rain, snow and dust.

Fastens with rings on pods around the perimeter, tone brass (gold), nickel (silver) or black, easy to remove or roll up and fasten with straps. In addition to the entrance, we incorporate durable, spiral 11 mm zippers. For side opening, we use a curtain track with double bearing wheels, which prevents the curtains from wedging.

Choice of edge color shade according to your design.

You can easily order, install quickly and conveniently yourself, by measuring the inner squares or the required outer dimensions of the curtains. We make it in 1-2 weeks. We offer delivery by courier.

Placing an order:

Write to our e-mail :, adding dimensions and pictures of the installation site.

Shades of transparent PVC curtain edging colors:

When choosing curtains, it is necessary to pay attention to the way of opening, for example:

  • Economical option, fastening with rings on pods around the perimeter, tone brass (gold), nickel (silver) or black, for all weather conditions, rolled up and secured with a strap, one or two zippers can be incorporated into the entrance, installation is not difficult.
  • Classic side opening option, with top rail and double castors, for events, guest houses, frequent use, no complicated installation.
Advantages of curtains:

Living in the suburbs or in a country house, we try to set up a resting place in the backyard garden where family and guests can gather. The best option is a gazebo, canopy, pergola, terrace.

Gazebos and terraces can usually be used only in summer. In order to relax throughout the year and create the necessary atmosphere, peace and quiet, additional investments will be required. One of the ways is to install the transparent PVC curtains, walls, windows of the terrace or gazebo.

The positive properties of PVC fabric are durability, elasticity in the range of -40 … +80 degrees for 10 years and more. The ability to maintain the temperature in the room, stops wind, precipitation, dust. Easy to maintain. We use only high-quality material produced in the EU, which does not cause allergic reactions, does not melt at higher temperatures and does not emit harmful, toxic substances.

Curtains made of colored PVC fabric:
  • Polyvinyl chloride PVC – a modern material that is stable to all types of stress and temperatures in summer and winter;
  • Can be combined with transparent PVC awning fabric, for transparency and allows sunlight to enter;
  • PVC fabrics in different color tones;
  • High quality and durable from German and Japanese manufacturers.
  • We use only high-quality, certified material that does not cause allergic reactions, does not melt at higher temperatures and does not emit harmful substances.
  • PVC fabric is easy to care for;
  • The strength of the material significantly extends the service life, up to 20 years or more;
  • Variety of design;
Textile fabric curtains:
  • decorative, you can use linen, cotton, silk, lace, etc.;
  • protects from sunlight;
  • good ventilation, but does not protect against rain and wind;
  • does not retain moisture, mold, is easily contaminated;
  • the fabric requires careful care;
  • short period of use, about 2-3 seasons.
Awning fabric curtains:
  • The most popular are pergola awnings;
  • Protects from sunlight;
  • Protects from rain and wind;
  • Retains moisture, mold, but is easily contaminated;
  • The fabric requires careful care;
  • Average short period of use, about 4-5 seasons.
Mosquito net curtains – walls.
Processing, sewing, repair of various technical fabrics.