Transparent curtains for terraces


Curtains for terrace and gazebo made of PVC awning fabric and transparent PVC awning material.

We make transparent curtains – walls for terrace, canopy, pergola and gazebo from high-quality awnings PVC transparent material (PVC glass), fabric thickness 0.6 mm, fastens to the buttons around the perimeter, you can choose the edge shade.

Curtains made of awning PVC fabric colored, as well as curtains and walls of other fabrics.

Mosquito net curtains – walls,

Processing of other technical fabrics.

Production in 1-2 weeks.

A wide selection of materials, color tones and types of fastenings are available. The products are used for canopies, terraces, as well as production facilities, such as car washes. The positive properties of PVC fabric are durability, the ability to maintain the temperature in the room, in addition, does not let through wind and precipitation. Easy to maintain, quick and easy to install. Delivery by courier.