Express POP UP advertising tents for events


Express tents – Folding advertising tents for events

Express tents can be used as a place to display materials promoting the company. The lightweight, aluminum frame makes it possible to assemble the tent by two people. The scissor-type structure folds out in only 60 seconds and will prove itself during short events. The offer includes 4 series of MITKO express tents in 14 size versions: from tents for standard use, through products designed for frequent and intensive use, to innovative constructions with built-in LED lighting to celebrate prestigious events.

As an alternative design tent – Folding Dome Tent

The offer includes 4 model tents with 8-corner AL profiles Octa Go (43mm). Octa Optima (48mm), Octa Pro (54mm), Octa Pro LED (54mm). 14 sizes for normal and intensive use, up to innovative designs with suitable versions of LED lighting for prestigious events.

Basic kit: frame, roof, transport bag and tie-downs.
  • Print advertisement

  • 20 primary colors

Octa Go (43mm)

(1,5m x 1,5m), (2m x 2m), (2,5m x 2,5m), (3m x 3m)

(2m x 3m), (3m x 4,5m)

(2m x 4m), (2,5m x 5m),  (3m x 6m)

Octa Optima (48mm)

(3m x 3m), (5m x 5m), (6m x 6m)

(3m x 4,5m)

(3m x 6m)

Octa Pro, Octa Pro LED (54mm)

(3m x 3m), (3m x 3m LED), (4m x 4m), (4m x 6m)

(3m x 4,5m), (3m x 4,5m LED), (4m x 6m)

(3m x 6m), (4m x 8m)

In addition:
  • Walls, windows, half-walls, walls with an entrance, in printed or basic tones

  • Weight metal or sandbags

  • Transport bag with or without wheels

  • Rain gutter,
  • awning,
  • flag holder,
  • lighting,
  • brochure holder, hand sanitizer stand and other attributes for a successful event

We carry out maintenance, repair, supply spare parts. We provide a manufacturer’s warranty.