Tent, Tarpaulin Repair

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Tent, Tarpaulin Repair & Inflatable, Bouncy Castle Repair

We Repair products that are made out of PVC vinyl material, as well as other materials such as nylon, acrylic, etc. If necessary we can wash your product and repair or replace defected parts.

We Can Repair ANY Thick Fabric Products !

Gazebo Pavilion Party Tent Repair.

Need a piece sanitized, repaired or modified? We can repair ANY Inflatable (No Matter How Big or Small) from small holes to complete baffle failure. We can also upgrade Inflatables of any size and type, including a small store bought inflatable.

If We Can’t Repair It, Nobody Can!

We Repair & Maintain Inflatables from “ALL” Manufacturers, for “ALL” Sizes, Makes & Models.
Major/Minor Repairs
Pick Up/Delivery Service
Mobile Repair Technicians
We Repair “ALL” types of Inflatables including:
Advertising Inflatable Repairs
Blow Up Repairs
Bounce House Repairs
Bouncer Repairs
Bouncing Castle Repairs
Bouncy Repairs
Cold Air Advertising Balloon Repairs
Combo Repairs
Inflatable Repairs (“ALL TYPES”)
Jumper Repairs
Moonwalk Repairs
Obstacle Course Repairs
Slide Repairs
Spacewalk Repairs
Super Slide Repairs
Tent Repairs
Water Slide Repairs
Remember most manufacturers will not repair someone else’s inflatable… we repair any inflatable on the market.

Inflatable Repairs that Extremely Fun performs:
Our inflatable repair technicians can help with a number of problems that can be associated with inflatable rides and games including:

Excessive Air Leaks
Jump Floor Repair and Replacement
Manufacturer Defects
Modifications and Custom Manufacturing
Remove and Replace Worn Out Panels
Repair Blown and Torn Baffles
Repair Stressed and Ripped Vinyl
Repair Torn Vinyl
Repair or Replace Buckles, Tie Downs, or Snaps
Replace or Repair Entrance Steps
Replace or Repair Slide Covers
Replace or Repair Velcro
Replace or Repair Zipper
Replace, Repair or Add Blower Intake Vents
Re-stitch Seams
Window Netting Repair and Replacement
Worn Equipment
All the above and many other common problems associated with inflatable rides and attractions are not an issue for us. We can replace entire sections of vinyl, netting, banners, and more!

We have the ability to take an old piece of equipment and make it look brand new.

We are the #1 Choice when it comes to Inflatable Repair Services. Whether you are seeking a small repair, a major repair, regular maintenance, sanitizing or looking to rejuvenate an older piece of equipment, we are always glad to help.

We offer a full range of repair services to private parties, rental companies, indoor inflatable arenas, and operators of amusement rides.

Our Experienced Staff and Management Team have culminated a tremendous amount of expertise from years of hands on experience as Rental Operators & Maintenance Techs. We have the experience you need, and can deliver the quality you expect.

We Offer Pick Up and Delivery Service – we are happy to help you with the transport of your inflatable rides and attractions. We also offer Mobile Repair services to our customers.

Bounce House Repair Specialists
Eliminate the need for purchasing new equipment
Maximize the life of your unit and increase your return on investment
Save Money on Shipping – Local Repair
We are here to service operators of inflatable amusement rides and attractions. Our skilled repair technicians can help you to keep your inventory in top shape.

Inflatable Maintenance
Regular Maintenance of your inflatable ride including replacement of wear panels, re-enforcing seams, high traffic areas, worn netting, etc.

Our inflatable repair technicians can help with any number of regular maintenance issues which can arise from the regular use of inflatable rides. We can help you to protect your investment so that it can last longer, look better, and generate more income for you.

Adding Blower Tubes/Vents
Broken Zippers
High Traffic Areas Reinforcement
Slide Panels Repair and Replacement
Wear Panels Repair and Replacement
Worn Seams Retouches
The hidden cost of repairing an inflatable lies in down-time when your unit is not working for you. We recognize this hidden cost from the actual loss of revenue resulting from down-time.

You cannot rent your inflatable if you don’t have it!

This is why we immediately start repairs on your inflatable upon arrival. We take pride in dramatically reducing your down-time between repair and return. Usually your inflatable is returned to you within a week after pick-up.

We deliver the FUN!