Tent Dome


Tent Dome

We produce and rent domed tents, the Tent Dome is in demand for events and celebrations.

A modern, interesting and stylish place for celebrations – birthdays, bachelor and hen parties, corporate events, concert stage, presentations or just having fun! Can be used to create a Glamping tent.

Tent Dome features:
  • In the center of the dome you can hear the magical stereo echo of the dome, which makes visiting the dome an exciting event;
  • Dome tent, can be equipped with removable walls, transparent front or other part of the tent, windows, mosquito nets, additional exits;
  • Wind loads, the dome shape is ideal for adverse weather conditions, the wind pushes the dome to the ground, so there is no need for monolithic anchors for reinforcement;
Materials used:

PVC canvas fabric has a choice of different shades as well as a transparent fabric. The tents can display a logo or mature.

Most popular tent sizes:
  • Dome D6 with a diameter of 6m and an internal area of 30m2, number of standing persons 48, number of seated persons 30;
  • Dome D8 with a diameter of 8m and an internal area of 50m2, number of standing persons 70, number of seated persons 45;
  • Dome D9 with a diameter of 9m and an internal area of 60m2, number of standing persons 110, number of seated persons 70;
  • Dome D12 with a diameter of 12m and an internal area of 110m2, number of standing persons 160, number of seated persons 110;
  • As an alternative, a folding dome tent