Siguldas Tents has participated in a new, innovative project – BeTriton.

The BeTriton is an all-electric recreational vehicle that combines the three functions of a hardtop motorboat, a cargo tricycle and a small camper that sleeps two people. This is a completely new 3-in-1 concept that provides the most seamless and comprehensive outdoor travel experience.

The BeTriton V3.0 is developed and the first batch of 5 units is currently in production. We’ve been busy redesigning and refurbishing parts of the BeTriton over the winter to make it more functional and easier to build. The cabin is more spacious and functions like a convertible now. Better materials are used – vacuum-fired body parts including carbon fiber, wood trim in the interior, stainless steel in the structural frame, etc.
All component groups were revised – new bike motor – amazing Revonte and new 2x more powerful outboard motor is among the biggest improvements. Batteries are now the highest standard supplied by the German AES Akku Energie Systeme GmbH / brakes – Fahrwerker / shock absorbers – DNM Suspension Technology / tires – Schwalbe tires / rims & spokes – Mach 1 Wheel Components / fixed gear rumba – Effigear / marine components – Osculati / boat lighting – Vision X Europe / + much more.