Safety nets from Endriagonets


Company of Latvia, has become a representative of Endriagonets SL

The Spanish company Endriagonets SL manufactures safety nets. The products are distributed all over the world. The products are made of high-strength polypropylene thread, certified and tested to the requirements of EU standards.

Quality guaranteed, Fair prices, perfect service, constant control and constant contact with our customers. So we understand the term quality, we think and live like that.

Safety through quality

Our networks are of the highest quality and usually exceed the requirements clearly. Since we manufacture everything from one source, we always have the entire process in view.

Security through control

The networks of Endriagonets are tested and certified according to all specifications. Furthermore, our production is under constant control as our own claim to quality is high.

Quality & Price

Our goal from the beginning was to offer the best quality at a really fair price. Convince yourself – our networks are not cheap but inexpensive …